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Nicky Enterprises

NICKY ENTERPRISES is a company adorned with branches of technical, operational, and management talents to improve the superior dependability of our goods with a diverse variety of electrical and electronic devices used in power production, control, distribution, protection, and ultimate consumption. Our client relationships, business infrastructure, and human resources all work together to provide a strong performance that propels the energy industry forward.

With more than 20 years of experience, dealing with more than 100 brands, 1000+ products, and a continuous journey with more than 10,000 happy customers, NICKY ENTERPRISES constantly does its best to fulfill all demands within the allotted time frame. To meet the many client requests, our company always has adequate standard products in-store at our warehouse. Our company takes all panel board-related orders, including those for the electrical equipment needed by industries, and it keeps a sizable inventory in line with trends and demands in the market with the finest quality guaranteed and independent review by a reputable institution. excellence in international product sourcing. Transparency in the workplace. a trustworthy firm with clear records. Fair working conditions.

Nicky Enterprises

Our Team

Our infrastructure is divided into various departments, such as manufacturing, quality-testing, sales & marketing, etc., and is dispersed over a sizable area with a huge installation capacity. A group of highly qualified professionals who are experts in their respective fields supports us. To satisfy the precise needs of our valued clients within the allotted period, our team members operate around the clock.

Additionally, our professionals are wholly committed to attaining the specific objective of the company. Our specialists' ongoing efforts have allowed us to establish a unique position in the sector. Additionally, to guarantee perfection in the items given, we ensure that every product we create is rigorously tested against predetermined criteria.

  • Vision

    Since the beginning of our company, we have been successful in providing the highest level of satisfaction to our valued customers. Our experts produce goods in line with the established industry quality standards and rules. Additionally, to guarantee that the items are flawless, our knowledgeable quality controllers use cutting-edge testing methods and equipment to assess the given products on a variety of quality factors.

  • Mission

    Our objective is to offer a high-quality selection of products to our loyal consumers. These products are all created in our modern manufacturing facilities using premium raw materials & cutting-edge technology, and we integrate the products and services to create a reputable brand. and create a reliable supply chain, as well as achieve engineering excellence. to build strong financial skills that enhance work execution abilities.

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